“I’m going to conquer it. ALL of it!”
—Molly at HerSpeak


I came across the above quote on the blog of a fellow Wishcaster. (And as I later discovered, a fellow Wisconsinite! Such a small world indeed! Molly’s blog is filled with creative beauty—I encourage you to check it out.)

I instantly fell in love with the boldness and bravery in these eight words, and adopted it as my unofficial mantra for the time being.

Just say it aloud. “I’m going to conquer it. ALL of it.”

Did you feel that?

What I also loved about the phrase is that it’s universal. We all have something—and “it”—that we wish to conquer. What’s yours?

If you’ve been following Project 180, you know that for me personally, my “it” is to fashion a life around my writing and daily creative expression. As I drove to work this morning, feeling slightly discontent as I wished I could’ve stayed home to work on any number of writing and creative projects, Molly’s quote came to mind. And as silly as this may sound, something deep inside told me that in order to conquer my “it,” I needed to declare “it” to the world.

“I’m going to be a writer,” I said in a small, timid voice just above a whisper.

I said it again, this time a little louder.

“I’m going to be a writer.”

Then again, louder still. And again. And again. And again until it was a full out shout of declaration.


I’ll be honest, it felt a little embarrassing at first. I mean, I was not just talking to myself…I was full out shouting at myself.

But I have to say, by the final shout it felt outright liberating…and real.

Oh, I’m going to conquer it. ALL of it.

Your One Step:

Now it’s your turn. What’s your “it”? Do you wish to be a writer, as well? A painter? A coach? Do you wish to own a home? Take control of your finances? Travel to exotic lands? Take a moment and identify your “it.”

Have you named it?

Ok, good. Now, declare it. Out loud. And when I say “out loud,” I mean say it loudly. Start in a whisper if you must, but say it over and over again until you become more comfortable hearing it. I promise, the more you hear yourself saying it, the louder you’ll want to say it because it’s now no longer a wispy thought being tossed to and fro in your mind. It’s real. It’s been given a voice and announced into this great, big beautiful world for you, and only you, to conquer.

And, dear reader, I just know you’ll conquer it. ALL of it.

Many thanks to Molly of HerSpeak for inspiring today’s post.

Live Creatively!

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