A Closer Look 03/28/2011
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"The eyes are the window to the soul."


For all the battles and wrestling matches I've endured when it comes to self-image, I have one feature I've always liked: my baby blues. I know it sounds prideful, but I love being asked, "Is that your natural eye color?"


But more than the color I love that my eyes have a story behind them.

These are the same eyes that first looked into the eyes of my parents upon my birth, finally putting a face to the murmured, muffled voices I'd heard in utero for the past several months.


These are the eyes that first took in the wonder of the great big world around me, starting with the daisies in the field where I learned to walk.


These are the eyes that saw the possibilities in dreaming a size too big.


These are the eyes that looked into the heart of my soul mate.


These are the eyes that seek the adventure in the everyday mundane.


These are the eyes that look for the tender child in each person, which makes it easier to extend compassion and love to all.


These eyes have seen, searched, questioned, laughed, cried, feared, dreamed, failed, reached, sought, scanned, hoped, hid, focused, loved and sparkled.

These eyes reveal my soul. Capture my life. Tell my story.


What story lies behind your eyes?


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